Hi-Fit Containers

A container with a tamper-proof function consisting of only two parts.
The latest commercial container with many functions.We have realized cost savings.
This container is designed to reduce process steps and simplify quality control.

Feature1, A container consisting of only two parts.
The iside plug was removed while maintaining high airtightness.The cost has been greatly reduced by using only two parts.
Feature2,Push-in type lid (tmper-proof function)
The push-in lid does not require torque control.Installation of the lid is simplified, and it is easy to install it in the manufacturing plant.And The push-in lid has a virgin seal.
Feature3,It can be opened and closed many times.
Feature4,This container can be stacked
The bottom of the container goes into the recess on the top of the lid for stability.

【Hi-Fit Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Block Containers

This product’s multi-stacking structure features a lid with an interlocking brick-like structure to allow for stacking in various ways.
Thanks to their cap structure, Hi-Block containers can be stably stacked to prevent toppling due to impacts and vibrations caused during transportation and the opening and closing of refrigerator/freezer doors.

Combining a square cap with the container's cylindrical body creates an effective cooling environment for stably storing ingredients at cold temperatures due to the uniform circulation of cool air throughout the container.

All parts of the container are made from polyethylene, keeping them chip-proof even when frozen.

Stored ingredients stay fresh with quick opening and closing thanks to the easy-to-hold inner lid and double-threaded screw cap.
These caps reduce the time needed to open/close numerous sample containers at once.

【Hi-Block Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Mixsel Containers

Okay for air transport!
Since Hi-Mixsel Containers have passed hydraulic testing conducted according to package safety standards in the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), they are ideal for ensuring safe and smooth air transportation.
Hi-Mixsel Containers are selected in promoting the labor-saving potential and automation of assembly lines due to their snap cap construction which allows for the easy insertion of contents.
Flat, tamper evident tear strip & horizontal mixing capability!
The containers incorporate a tamper resistant mechanism consisting of a flat tamper evident tear strip that sits flush with the container's side and offers easy detection of the sealing status.
The straight cylindrical shape and flat tamper evident tear strip also permit direct application with horizontal mixers.*excluding BHM-600.
Re-capping capability!
Even after removing the tamper evident tear strip, the container maintains its high level of airtightness allowing you to re-open/close the cap as much as you like.

【Hi-Mixsel Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Smart Containers

Conventionally composed of three parts, our Hi-Smart Containers have removed the inner lid creating a two-part construction that significantly lowers cost.
The tapered body also allows for nesting when empty. This helps dramatically reduce storage space and achieves efficient disposal.

The snap cap allows for easy container setting improving the labor-saving potential and automation of assembly lines.
The containers also incorporate a tamper resistant mechanism consisting of a tamper evident tear strip for easy sealing status detection.

Our Hi-Smart Containers have maintained the same degree of airtightness as conventional containers (as verified through company testing) while lowering costs offering for an always reliable experience.

【Hi-Smart Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Nanko Containers

Nanko Containers have enjoyed many years of successful usage and have been highly recognized by our customers. They support three cap types and an extensive array of volumes and are widely used in a diverse range of fields, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to paste-type electronic materials and more. The body is made of polyethylene offering exceptional resistance to chemicals, while the cap uses polypropylene (PP) to ensure smooth and firm sealing.

【NANKO Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Resist Containers

Hi-Resist Containers are designed to fit easily into mixers, while their newly-developed body and inner plug provide for even tighter sealing than the NANKO series.

The lineup includes a ratchet-fitted type (Ratchet Model) that delivers a click when shut to let you know the lid has been firmly locked into place.
An anti-oxidation floating lid is another added option that prevents the surface of paste materials from drying out.

*Please test first with a sample to make sure it can be used with your mixer.

**This product has passed hydraulic testing conducted according to package safety standards in the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) to ensure reliable and secure usage during air transportation and exporting. (excluding the SUN inner lid)

【Hi-Resist Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Bessel Containers

Hi-Bessel Containers have been developed to carry high grade metal pastes for electronic and other applications.

Their high level of sealing performance has been verified through rigorous hydraulic testing conducted in accordance with strict IATA requirements (excluding BHB-2100).
This provides for reliable transport when exporting contents internationally.

The double-threaded screw design contributes to a dramatic improvement in work efficiency while keeping down costs on the production site.

*The double-threaded screw is not available with No.1100, No.3000 and No.4000 models.

【Hi-Bessel Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Select Containers

Our Hi-Select Container’s tamper-proof mechanism lets you easily detect when the lid has been opened.

In addition to providing outstanding operability and safety, the snap lid has simplified capping offering easy modification to automated lines.

【Hi-Select Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Unic Containers

With a body and cap of the same diameter, these straight containers deliver a slim, sleek appearance.
The caliber of the container must be kept narrow to maintain a straight shape up to the cap. Here, using original technology, we adopted injection molding to develop a prototype for the mouth shape and achieved a light weight and beautiful form.

Coloring and printing can also be added to the body, offering greater expressive potential and making Hi-Unic an ideal container for cosmetic creams and more.

【Hi-Unic Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Silky Containers

The Hi-Silky Container is a small container for creams (30mL). Developed with the consumer in mind, the inside of the container was designed in the shape of a bowl. This allows cream that up until now was left behind to be scooped out entirely.

Based on customer requests, polypropylene resin has been used.

【Hi-Silky Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Pack Containers

Made from polypropylene (PP), an exceptionally chemical-resistant material, our Hi-Pack Containers are used principally as containers for electronic materials and industrial cosmetics. Both the cap and bottom of the container are ribbed for convenient stacking.

【Hi-Pack Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Loute Containers

The square-shaped injection molded body helps reduce inefficiency during packing processes while still functioning as a large-caliber container.
Our Hi-Loute Containers assist in minimizing storage space and distribution costs and are ideal for holding powders such as industrial chemicals and raw materials for cosmetics.

【Hi-Loute Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Hi-Stack Containers

Hi-Stack Containers feature a tapered shape that helps maximize storage space when the containers are empty.

A triple-threaded screw allows for closing the cap firmly with only half a turn and a ratchet is provided to deliver a locking sound when the container is shut tight.
As part of its eco-conscious design, the handle is made of the same material as the body (HDPE), eliminating the need for separate disposal.

【Hi-Stack Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Neo-Bessel Containers

The Neo-Bessel’s injection molded body can hold up to 12.2 L of material, while its wide mouth measuring 166 mm at its inner diameter allows for smooth extraction of the container's contents.

The cap's top has a handle built into it providing for convenient carrying and the cap itself remains securely in place even when filling the container with 40 kg of material.
This container is recommended not only for transportation but also temporary storage of various contents, including paste and powdered electronic materials.

【Neo-Bessel Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Mixing Containers

Planetary mixers are typically used when kneading, mixing, defoaming, or dispersing of materials.
Our Mixing Containers were specifically designed for use with these devices.
The current lineup consists of two models, each with the following features.

These containers are used for broad range of applications such as electronic materials, industrial materials, and pharmaceuticals.

【Mixing Containers】 Details information(*PDF file)

Blow-molded / Injection-molded

We also carry a variety of other containers that serve a diverse range of applications. Please contact us with any of your requests or concerns.

Our company offers a diverse lineup of containers in addition to these. Please contact us if you have a specific request or requirement.