Ample variation

Providing a comprehensive selection of volumes and sizes as a manufacturer specializing in wide-mouth containers

As a specialist in manufacturing wide-mouth containers, Kinki Yoki has developed an extensive lineup of containers in the more than 60 years since its founding.

Our rich product lineup offers a comprehensive selection of volumes, dimensions, materials, and applications to meet a variety of needs.
Feel free to contact us if you cannot find the container you need.

Our Wide-mouth Container Series beginning with "High"

The majority of products handled by Kinki Yoki have the prefix "High" added to the product name.
This refers to the "high" quality of performance provided by our exceptionally airtight, hermetically-sealed containers that firmly hold contents under a variety of severe conditions.

We also maintain a high-level production environment for developing new containers according to requests and proposals received for packaging and other requirements from various production sites.
We promise to continue delivering "high" quality, wide-mouth containers truly deserving of their name.