Commitment to Quality

Relentless Dedication

Ultimate Quality Control through Machinery

In order to maintain high-quality products that satisfy our customers, we employ a variety of inspection equipment to test and examine our plastic containers for minute scratches, burrs and measurement errors invisible to the naked eye as well as to conduct various reliability tests for Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC), dropping, airtightness, water pressure and stacking to guarantee functionality and durability.

  • Low temperature and thermal testing (from -40℃ to 40℃)
  • ESC testing / constant temperature/humidity tests(40~260℃)
  • Virgin seal strength measurement
  • Drop testing
  • Image dimension measuring device
  • Optical microscope (Inspection for microdefects)
  • Camera inspection device (containers)
  • Camera inspection device (caps)
  • Liquid particle counter

Comprehensive company management

Ultimate Quality through Human

For products that cannot be examined with camera inspection devices or machinery alone, we also carry out visual inspections led by trained professionals in our light-controlled inspection rooms.

By conducting detailed visual inspections using not only machinery buy a human-based approach, we have achieved a high level of quality and performance in our products.

It is also essential to carry out maintenance and management of molding processes and equipment to ensure the stable production of containers with fixed specifications and uniform dimensions.

Thanks to the maintenance performed by skilled and experienced craftsman on our factory's molding equipment (cleaning, fine tuning, repairs, etc.) and our molding production technology, we are able not only to increase the quality of the containers we produce but also extend the service life and quality of the molding equipment itself.

This type of abstract knowledge cannot be quantified yet is essential to maintaining the quality and potential of our molds as well as to ensuring stable and long-term quality.

Kinki Yoki received ISO 9001 certification (quality management system-requirements) in January 1997 for its plastic injection molding.

Over our many years of business, we have worked diligently to create management and service systems designed to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. After undergoing rigorous testing, we were certified not only for the quality of our products but also for the overall quality of our organization.

This success further encourages us in our efforts to improve our quality-management systems and attain an even higher level of satisfaction from our customers.