Corporate InformationGreeting from the President

We support our clients' business by providing safe and reliable containers.

Kinki Yoki Co., Ltd., began with the wholesale of glass bottles and metal cans but later expanded into plastic molding before moving on to develop its own original containers, winning customer recognition and long-standing client support as specialized manufacturers along the way.

Since the development of NANKO containers in 1965, which were the company's original 'founding' products, Kinki Yoki has been creating product series based on customer needs and its own unique perspective in order to cater to a wide range of uses.

As a manufacturer of “safe and reliable containers,” the company has been committed to product functionality and quality and, employing its own technologies and knowhow, has focused its attention on designing containers that add value to customers' products.

In continuing to deliver safety and reliability while providing support to customers and the end user, the company promises to engage in the further development of products and technologies and to improve production.

Kinki Yoki is committed to making greater contributions to society through customer-focused manufacturing and looks forward to the continued and unwavering cooperation and patronage of our customers.

Guiding Principles & Policies

"Kinki Yoki exists to benefit its customers and achieve growth and success together with its employees."

Management Philosophy / Key Management Policies / Principles of Conduct
  1. Our company's prosperity lies in increasing the trust and satisfaction of our clients and in contributing to their needs through the dedicated manufacture of exceptional products.
  2. In achieving happiness for all employees, the company management places importance on individual growth, the fostering of employee solidarity and the creation of a meaningful life along with a prosperous company.
Key Management Policies
These are the fundamental concepts behind our management as well as the foundation of our corporate planning, annual policies, objectives, and measures.
  • Quality FirstThe quality of a company's work is what most affects the customer. We have made quality our top corporate priority in order to ensure safe and reliable business transactions with all our clients.
  • Building Customer SatisfactionWe consider ourselves as the procurement department for our clients and have built a system that can respond to various changes and immediately meet client demands in an effort to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Growth and HappinessWe work to attract motivated and energetic personnel and have established a framework to harness our staff's full potential. Building up the knowledge and talent of the individual, we aim to contribute to the growth and happiness of all our employees.
  • Technological AdvancesWe contribute to our customers' success and prosperity through streamlined manufacturing, creative insight, and the development of exceptional technology and help them cultivate originality and create value in their businesses.
  • Keeping Everyone InformedWe keep all employees informed of our corporate plans and, after receiving their understanding and consent, promise to realize business objectives with the enthusiastic support and dedicated cooperation of our staff.
Principles of Conduct
These principles outline the attitude and activities our company extols in working to realize our Management Philosophy.
We promise to respond rather than stand still, to act instead of overthink, to take prompt action whenever possible, to always drive business rather than being driven by it, and to carry an enterprising attitude and spirit of innovation in our endeavors.
  • The Spirit of ChallengeWe adopt an enterprising spirit in providing value to our customers, set high goals under the slogan of "action first," and boldly take on new challenges in pursuing our dreams.
  • Leveraging Unique StrengthsWe aim to create a positive organizational culture with each employee following company rules and respecting their coworkers' individuality, while placing importance on their own unique traits.
  • Continuous ImprovementAlways seeking to understand the essence of matters, we employ our rich creativity in carrying out fundamental reexaminations of our work and improving operations.
  • Contact, Report, ConsultWe adopt a straightforward process of contacting, reporting, and consulting with those concerned and place importance on fostering communication between various positions, roles, and internal/external parties.
  • From Small Beginnings Come Great ThingsWe implement the PDCA cycle, while focusing on transparency and sharing information with one another, and slowly build on this process, as we work tirelessly until achieving our goals.